"Great customer service and I was sent additional samples as well.  Very aromatic, the scents are wonderful, and all the product are game-changers.  You've got a customer for life!" 

~ Tyiese Nimori


"Loved the Custard Blend Hair and Body Butter so much! I bought it with the sole purpose of using on my beard, but have started to use it on my entire body. I know it's good because my wife now sneaks to use some, so in no time I'll be ordering more. Love it very much! Thanks!" 

~ Jhermel


"Shoutout to my friends over at Perry and Co for this vegan, organic Hair and Body Butter for natural men and women. I'm so in love with this Mint Blend, I'll be placing my order soon for every other scent as well. Yes! They're THAT amazing!!"
~ Keith


"I never knew there was such a great smelling product that's just as good for your Hair as it is for your body, and skin; you certainly have a customer FOR LIFE. I can't wait to buy all the products as they launch. Thanks Perry And Co!!"

~ Paris

 Their products are different than any that I've ever purchased.  All their scents are multi-dimensional, are expertly paired together, yet never fight each other,  I love that I can wear them alone, or with my favorite fragrances.  They're so versatile.  You can tell they know what they're doing! 

~ Julie

 "I just received my Perry and Co. Butter, and immediately put it on my toddler after his bath! It smells amazing and his skin is SO soft! We're in LOVE!! It's the only way I can get my son's man bun together without some chemical laden gel.  And, it's full of nutrients, shea butter, and natural oils for his dry, curly hair; so I feel almost feel like I'm giving him a treatment at the same time!   



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